Notorious And Racist Anti-Meghan Trolls

Anti-Meghan Trolls Meghnapedia

We reserve the right to remove any comments that are insulting to our writers, readers, Meghan and Harry. Racism and sexism are absolutely not welcomed on Meghanpedia.


We also reserve the right to expose racist trolls. In this case, our privacy policy does not apply. (You have been warned, trolls.)

A list of anti-Meghan trolls who were stupid enough to contact Meghanpedia. These people/trolls obsess over Meghan 24/7, read anything negative about her in British media and then look for pro-Meghan websites to ‘expose’ her by sending vile, racist, sexist and libelous comments.

  • “Robert Adam”
  • “Laurel”
  • “Alison”
  • “Theo Lamb”
  • “Tony Owen”
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